Which is your "safety browser" when Vivaldi doesn't work?

  • Sometimes some websites don't respond as expected with Vivaldi.
    Which browser do you use, to check if it is a browser issue, or a website's error?
    I use Firefox, to test the sites that don't seem to work, but its' usage is very low nowadays, so it might doesn't make sense...

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    Firefox and/or Chromium.
    But Mozilla is not always displaying websites correct, it has special stylesheet issues.

  • @newscpq I'm using Firefox, it's a good contrast to vivaldi's chromium thing.

  • For general webpages, firefox. But if it's an issue with a PDF or MS website then MS Edge is a good replacement.

  • If a site fails to work properly in Vivaldi, I usually then try with Edge, IE-11, and Olde Opera (12.18) - in that order. Depending on why I'm trying to visit the site, I either stop at the first browser that works or proceed down that entire browser chain to try to figure out why if fails. The technologies of these browsers vary enough that many sites will work with one of them (particularly Edge and IE), but if it doesn't and the site is simply poorly-written, the analysis tools and function buttons in my customized Olde Opera will often give me a window into figuring out why.

  • None. It it ain't working with Vivaldi, it ain't worth visiting 😃

    Seriously, this seldom happens. First try is private mode to remove all extensions' influences; if this doesn't work, it depends. If I suspect browser issue, I try Safari (as I'm on Mac, it there anyway). If that doesn't work, I've yet to come to a website which I need so desperately that I'd be willing to install a third browser... (methinks: graeca sunt, non legitur 😃 )

  • For second opinions I have on hand Firefox, Opera, Brave, UR, Avant and Avast Secure Browser

  • Vivaldi stable - often is too old as I went back to snapshot channel ^^,
    Firefox - often to discover issue related to certificates/smart cards (mozilla has its own handling of them)
    Canary - which is not safe. Is more for testing flags lol
    Edge - could be useful to see stream related issues
    IE - even could be useful, just in case a site uses old deprecated things like java/NPAPI/activex and so on 😛


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