Some general platform issues (Android, iOS, Win Surface)

  • Hi

    I'm extremely satisfied on Vivaldi for Windows on Windows 10 PC. In my mind it is the one and only browser for efficient office work. Other browsers and just toys for fun use compared with Vivaldi.

    But there are some issues concerning other platforms and tablet-computers without physical keyboard but just virtual keyboard on the screen.


    With MS Surface tablets as far as I know, there are some touch screen problems.
    I have with Android touch screen problem with some Flash-application like 1.0 ( ).

    The problem is that the application would need keyboard but that keyboard is not visible.
    With FlashFox this issue has been solved by using forced keyboard. It has functionality "Toggle keyboard", which force the keyboard visible (it remains also if you change application and the keyboard must turn off before changing to some application). That might be a good idea also for Vivaldi.


    If Vivaldi is some day for Android and iPad remember the issue, which I mention above.


    Above I have mentioned one generic platform issue with touch screens. I have tried to discuss about some small issues in two Finnish groups. Even if these issues don't relate with Vivaldi, could you answer to these small questions:

    1. Is there Adobe Acrobat DC for iPad? I know that I can get it for Mac and Windows 10 but not for Android.
    2. Is there some possibility to show the download folder with Android and iPad tablets?
      Using Windows I can get for Vivaldi the folder at this format:
    3. Do someone has some experience with Android or iOS for iPad emulators with Windows 10 platform? I have an application, which I love and that is either for Android or iOS for iPad/iPhone. If I some day would like to use MS Surface I would like to used the loved application

  • Hi Tapio, and welcome here!

    About the touch screen issues, the team is well aware of the current status. There are a lot of "touch related" problems, and not only the one you describe, but these are quite complex to solve due to Vivaldi's internal architecture.
    It is on the to-do list, but not on the top priority.
    An quick of search in the forum gave me a bunch of posts from Ayespy, for example, explaining this quite well: here, here, or here...

    About the Android version, it is definitely under development. For sure the "touch" or "virtual keyboard" aspects will be adapted to the platform.
    You will be welcome to do all the tests you want, and report all the issues you find on your use cases when the 1st snapshot is ready. I have absolutely no info, but I wouldn't expect it anytime soon, though.

    For your other platform issues, the lounge section of the forum may be more adapted 😉

  • Thank's

    In order to be honest, I don't regard that it is really important to have Vivaldi for Android, because ordinary Android devices are relative small. Vivaldi needs at least Windows Surface pro 12,3 or iPad Pro 12,9 size screens in order to use really efficiently. When using 10' tablet splitting the screen might not be a good idea.

    Endeed there might be some exceptions.


    After this text "Selaimen käyttöliittymä vie sen verran tilaa, että osa vihjeistä ei mahdu näkymään."

    There are two screen captures from 10' tablet. I can see the text with 10' tablet just and just if the tablet is vertical. But if I should scale down the pages in order to fit them side by side into the same screen in horizontal position, I just couldn't read the text. I would need 12,3' Windows Surface in order to read them.

    Vivaldi is best in office work, but some other browser might be better always in small devices. Window-handling, which can't use efficiently just takes memory.

  • Related the page, which I last time mentioned, Vivaldi might have with touch screen problem with

    on the bottom of the page should be Finnish characters + ü in one kind of virtual keyboard. In Dolfphin this keyboard is missing and that might be missing also with Vivaldi.

  • @tapio
    This is not a touch screen problem with MS Surface because it is visible in Windows PC. In fact Vivaldi shows the virtual keyboard with Windows 10 PC, where it is NOT necessary and where Firefox doen't show it at all.


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