Different Color Themes for Multiple Windows

  • Hi from France !

    Would be great to be able to choose a different color theme when opening a new window.
    Sometimes i use Firefox as a second browser window just to organise my work spaces.
    But if i could make a difference between 2 Vivaldi windows, one blue, one red for example, there would be so easy to switch without thinking with the multitask fonction of Windows, Mac or Linux.

    Other thing : the Windows Web Panel !
    I don't understand why i can't see all the opened Windows in that Web panel. Would be so easy to grad and drop a tab from one window to another ! Or there's something i didn't understand with that web panel. Because for me right now, it's just a vertical tab bar with a search box ...

    Sorry if those suggestions are not new, i know we are several genius around 😉


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