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    Mail I think is superfluous; unless u think u can beat gmail/others; focus on what you are loved for...that is - giving users the power/option to choose how we want our browser to behave.

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    @rojaviv As Mail has been under development since before the first tech preview in 2015, has its own team, and is nearing maturity for release, and as it has been integral to the original concept of Vivaldi from before the beginning, it is essentially a 0% chance that it will be dropped and not included at this late date.

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    @rojaviv If you have never used the built-in mail client for Opera 12 you may not understand how useful it is. Many of us long-term Opera users switched to Vivaldi primarily because of the promise of a built-in email client.

    The other main reason was for customisation, which is also important to you.

  • I second it, Chrome is fine and I get it to my needs with 15 extensions but build in Mail client is bummer and you never go back to a standalone client.

    Cheers, mib

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