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  • This has been asked in various ways in the past but I didn't see a direct answer that is fairly recent.

    I have 1.14 set up (appearance, bookmarks, start page, etc.) exactly as I like it on a laptop running Budgie DE on Manjaro 17.1.7 I would like to copy and install that exact set up on another laptop running Budgie DE on Debian 9. What is the best/most efficient way to accomplish that? Thank you.

  • @llewellen
    Hi, copy/past vivaldi://experiments/ in to the address field and check "Sync" but is experimental.
    Work fine for me with the latest snapshot.
    Manually copy profile look >
    Passwords can work, copy:
    GNOME keyring:
    to the new laptop.

    Cheers, mib

  • Thank you. It seems from the link you provided that I could find the location of Vivaldi's Default file on my computer, copy that and then write it over the Default file in the new installation on the other computer.

  • @mib2berlin : The link was helpful, thank you. I copied /home/<username>/.config/vivaldi/Default to the same location on the new laptop. The logos for the thumbnails on my start page are in a different folder so I also copied that to the same position on the new laptop. The saved passwords for websites did not copy but I"m still looking into that. Not a big deal. Thanks for your help.

  • @llewellen This was what I was going to suggest but I see you got there already!


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