Auto hide Blues

  • Last snapshot that works as intended with my auto hide scripts which I came across on this forum is Vivaldi.1.15.1111.3, all my auto hide scripts fail to work as intended with subsequent snapshots up to and including current 1.15.1147.19.

    When browser is open with blank page (start page) auto hide scripts work as intended by hovering mouse pointer over/towards edge of browser window, the instant a web page loads auto hide scripts stop working as intended, I have to click edge of browser window to trigger show part of the auto hide script, then I have to click body of web page to hide it. I am having this issue with auto hide address bar, side panel and status bar.

    I tried increasing Z value for above scripts but it does not make a difference, any suggestions to get scripts to work as intended again greatly appreciated.


  • I've just tested my animated overlays on the snapshot and I'm not having the issues you describe. However, the animations/transitions are extremely choppy, that is clearly going to be a problem for me.

    hmmm, I've restarted it a few times and I'm getting different results, sometimes it works but is choppy and other times it's as you describe.

    Going to have to look into this further now

  • The problem is that focus/mouse over is not being released until another UI element (address bar, menu, etc.) is highlighted or the web page is selected, z-index won't affect this since the overlay is already sitting on top. The panel is remaining because it's behaving as if the mouse is still hovering over it, even when it is not. That's bad behaviour on Vivaldi's part. They have been having issues with the pointer, it appears they have created a new one but I can't see why that is in the Event Listener :/

    Edit: Took a quick peek at the comments for the latest snapshot and came across this

    @der_pit said:

    But still no change with the 'hanging' focus on bookmarkbar and navigation buttons, and the up-popping tooltips of them.

    That sounds like our culprit right there, at least we are not alone so hopefully there will be a fix

  • @raed

    The latest snapshot appears to have resolved this issue. Your scripts should work as expected again

  • @sjudenim
    Thank you and appologies for the late reply, it is working as it should now.

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