How to disable the graying of non-active tabs' thumbnails?

  • Hi everyone, I wonder if there is a way to tweak Vivaldi so that the inactive tabs' thumbnails don't get grayed out? For me, the biggest advantage of thumbnails-in-tabs is that they allow me to recognize the tab I need by seeing the thumbnails much quicker than the favicons or the tab titles. Unfortunately, inactive tabs get slightly grayed, which reduces this advantage.

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    Doesn't look like we have that option ATM.

  • Yes, it's not in the UI preferences

    I actually hope it can be achieved by editing manually some settings ("skin") file :unsure:

  • You can make a custom.css file

    Or modify common.css directly
    Look for
    #tabs .tab:not(.active) .tab-thumb{-webkit-filter:contrast(40%) brightness(138%)}

    Set contrast and brightness to your liking 😉 (100% on each, for example)


    Default:                                        100% each


  • Indeed! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
    It worked perfectly, I only had to restart Vivaldi and the effect was there!

    Many, many, many thanks! 😃

  • My pleasure. 😎

    Just remember that you have to do this every time you install a new version …

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    The pliability of CSS is proof positive that true "skinning" (not themes or backgrounds) will be coming to Vivaldi. It is inevitable.

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