People are replying to my emails to the wrong client

  • I don't get why my Vivaldi email has got a hold of my old unused Microsoft email address, Whenever I write an email to someone, the sender address is instead of the usual and when I get a reply I don't get it through my Vivaldi account but through my Outlook account?? I mailed support but they won't help.

    I think this has something to do with changing the server to Roundcube.

    0_1523454205614_Screenshot 2018-04-09 at 16.59.01.png

    Screenshot of my sender address and how I CAN'T DELETE OR CHANGE THIS.
    This is my work and business email. This HAS to be sorted out.

    Please Help!!!

  • What happens if you click the edit identities button down in your screenshot?

  • @gawainromijn said in People are replying to my emails to the wrong client:

    Whenever I write an email

    How do you write emails? I mean, are you using an e-mail client (e.g. Thunderbird, Outlook, ...), or a webmail access to your vivaldi inbox (e.g.


  • @gawainromijn the only real resolution would be to contact vivaldi support (again).

    Did they not reply or was there a miscommunication about the the problem?
    You can send me a test email so I can verify the problem (start a Chat for contact data).

    The Email field in identity settings can not be changed by the user ( @lonm: for good reason)
    A temporary workarround to get answers to the account would be to explicitly set the Reply-To field in webmail.
    A desktop mail client may also be able to send properly formated mail.

    Sending a mail with a bad origin domain should not be allowed by the mail server.
    This will be problematic if you encounter a 3rd party mail server with a reasonably strict setup.

  • Moderator

    An you should remember: forwarding does not change the reply-to headers of a mail.

  • Vivaldi Team

    It was a case of mixed information in the database. A dev fixed the issue for GawainRomijn last week.


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