Small graphics not rendering

  • On my Windows 7 PC, small graphics (eg, like the "B" for "bold" icon when I'm composing this message) are showing up in Vivaldi as either tiny empty boxes or text (eg, "keyboard_arrow_down"). What am I doing wrong? Everything looks fine in Chrome. A couple of screen shots are shown below. Thanks in advance...



  • You're not downloading a web font (possibly blocked by an extension) or your installation of Vivaldi is failing to render it correctly.

    Check your extensions or the web inspector log for more information.

  • @lonm So, I had the Fontchanger extension loaded--and, sure enough, when I turned it off, all the graphics came back... Thanks!

  • @adambravo Good to know it's fixed! It can be easy to forget about things like extensions when encountering issues like this.


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