News TLS 1.3 update

  • Been using vivaldi:flags TLS 23 for a week no problems unlike most post how TLS 1.3 isn't ready here is current:

    I loved this line from DigiCert's blog: "... But on the internet there’s a big difference between
    nearly dead and dead."

    As we know, we now finally have TLS v1.3 and TLS v1.2 support is now quite solid. Yet, of the
    150,000 HTTPS-enabled sites monitored by SSL Pulse, 88% support TLS 1.0 and 85% support
    TLS 1.1.

    Most of the internet is using TLS 1.2 which is now the only version of the protocol recommended
    by cryptographers and considered to be “modern.”

    But a small portion of users may not be ready for the switch due to outdated software. Despite
    being released in 2008, TLS 1.2 support was absent from some major platforms and browsers

    for some time. Internet Explorer did not support TLS 1.2 until five years later with 2013’s
    release of version 11; and Android versions prior to 5.0 (released 2014) only supported TLS 1.0,
    which represents nearly 18% of Android devices still in use today.

    Cloudflare, which, as one of the world’s largest CDNs, has good visibility into things happening at
    internet-scale. They recently shared about 11% of traffic on their network uses TLS 1.0 (with
    only a tiny portion (0.38%) using TLS 1.1) -- and the reset presumably already having jumped
    to v1.2.

    But still... 11% being TLS v1.0? But most of that might be older appliances and NOT humans
    clicking links in web browsers.


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