Audio out of sync. settings or site issue.

  • I am attempting to move completely to Vivaldi as a browser. There is one site, which I watch a lot, where this is not working out. I watch back episodes of programs at Specifically, I watch Critical Role, Painter's Guild, and the like.

    When streaming live there is no issue from this site. When watching in other browsers there is no issue with this site, live or recorded. When watching a previous episode the audio is faster than the video. I know the voices of these actors and the video is normal. It is the audio that is faster on these recordings of the episodes - only in Vivaldi, and only at this website. I do not experience the same problems at Netflix, CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, etc. I do not experience this on YouTube, etc. I do not have this problem if I go to the Geek and Sundry site and play the exact same episodes of Critical Role. However, there are programs at Alpha that I watch which I pay subscription to watch and they are not available at the free site.

    I do not know if this is a site issue, settings issue, or code issue.

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