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  • I was going to put this in the requests, but thought maybe I'd see if I'm doing something wrong first.

    This is a HUGE frustration for me. Over the years I have amassed quite the, disorganized, selection of bookmarks. Every once in a while I a tidy up, but I'm sure you know how that goes.

    Anyway, my problem is that I can't hit Ctrl+F to find where in the list a bookmark is. When you hit that it takes me to the search box, and when I start typing it only brings up the bookmarks that match. And that means that I can't see what else may be in that same folder as the search term I typed.

    Quick Scenario that might help. Let's say I type "images" looking for my links to free stock photos. I come up with a few results. Now, I want to see what else is in that same folder so then I highlight the folder, go to the top to remove the search term, and then :::poof::: it's lost in my long list of bookmarks. I can't hit Ctrl+F to find the folder. Only way I know is to scroll down forever trying to find it.

    I realize I need to clean them up, but I'm sure others have this issue at some level. Please, someone, tell me I'm not crazy here! LOL

  • @stormtrance76
    Mmh so basically there is an info missing in what folder(s) the bookmark(s) you searched for is placed in. This info would be also very useful to eliminate double entries

  • Moderator

    @stormtrance76 Use the Bookmarks Panel. If the folder tree is not displayed, right-click in the panel, and select Settings, Tree Search.

    0_1523380527786_Bookmarks Panel Tree Search.png


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