Website permissions and third-party services in Vivaldi

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    In our series on privacy and security, we look at website permissions, ways to block tracking through ads, and third-party services in Vivaldi.

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  • Thanks, nice.

  • @olli: Third comment! Wait, what do you mean by "Fourth"?

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    extensions are available that can block ads

    But remember to be careful. Such extensions will require the view all information on all sites you visit permission, so only choose an extension you trust fully.

    many websites rely on ads for their income

    I always prefer to just block ads outright and then use a subscription if a site I frequent offers it or a donation. Even a one-off donation of £1 will get them more money than ads from more than 100 page views (unless they've managed to get a really good CPM).

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    Nice info on how the malware and phishing url look up is done. :knight:

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  • This post is deleted!

  • I really like this post, and it shows you guys are serious about users' privacy and security.

    I never allow sites to use my camera and microphone, and I have to explicitly whitelist sites to allow them to store cookies.

    One feature I'd really love is to be able to temporarily allow cookies from a site, like the Firefox add-on Cookie Monster allows. Some sites (b/c of ignorant programmers), just don't work without cookies allowed but I don't want them allowed permanently.

    And easier access to the site permissions, like in Opera there was I think F12 to quickly change them, without having to enter into the hard-to-find site settings menu.

  • I really hope somebody from Vivaldi will read and appreciate this:

    There is one big problem with permissions system, especially with allowing notifications (which means you allow page to keep running in background and push notifications). There are some spammy websites what will request permissions for notifications but if you deny then it will redirect you to another random subdomain of that page and request for notifications again... and this loop keeps forever until you agree (then I guess they'll spam me with notifications). On desktop within Vivaldi (and I guess other browsers too) - it's not a problem. I can just close the tab.

    On Android it's tough. I have to deny fullscreen modal window and be able to close the tab before subdomain loads. Doable on mobile. Not possible on TV with Android with just a remote control.

    So if you're going to release Vivaldi on mobiles - please have this in mind within a first release. Some kind of "deny and close tab" or "keep denying for 15 minutes" or "deny for all subdomains" (but they may buy different domains) or whatever solution to the problem comes to your mind. You'll be the king!


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    @jacekn: Thanks very much for the suggestion! We'll see what comes along in future, but this is exactly the sort of issue I like to keep an eye out for. (And yes, I also rely on the ability to close a tab for particularly troublesome pestering websites, not just for the ones that try to get permissions.)

  • I am missing per-site settings for cookies. When I for example want to comment here, I need to login on another subdomain. To be able to comment then, I need to have thirdparty-cookies active.

    I would like to whitelist the vivaldi site and have third-party cookies disabled on all other sites.

    (By the way: It would be nice when you could fix the site, that it does not need third-party cookies to work)

  • @allo said in Website permissions and third-party services in Vivaldi:

    I would like to whitelist the vivaldi site and have third-party cookies disabled on all other sites.


  • Vivaldi Team

    @allo: The reason for this is that and are different domains. The blog comments are stored on and made visible on and leaving a comment on .com requires enabling third-party cookies (.net for .com is a third party). Hope this makes sense 🙂

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