Mails from Vivaldi Webmail not sent to my Yahoo Mail

  • I was back in my Vivaldi mail after some months and testing it, I found out that my Yahoo mail did not reseive any messages sent from Vivaldi , even though Vivaldi Mail notification shows me that the message is sent.
    I 've checked my settings in Yahoo , I couldn't find something wrong , I sent the same messages to Gmail without problem. Am I missing something?
    Something else, composing mail blank message , is not so "blank" , the text "...Null" appears and have to delete it.

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    @alex5 Please contact our Community Manager, she will help.

  • Yahoo delivery : persistent problematic issue yet... 😞

    @Alex5 : any feedback from Vivaldi team?

  • @wptkd They sent me a mail a couple weeks ago. They said that Yahoo has blocked temporarily Vivaldi Mail. However, some mails I sent to Yahoo , have been received either regularly or with some delay ( couple of days!). It's noteworthy that notification mails from Vivaldi forums are delivered to my Yahoo Spam folder, even though I have unmarked them as spam.


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