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  • Good. Having anything Facebook related in your website, product or company is very bad for your brand today. That includes Facebook pages, like buttons and so on.

    Facebook is tracking and storing data from everyone, not just Facebook users. If you have a Like Button or another Facebook widget on your site or company, you are helping facebook track non-facebook people all over the Internet. You should disassociate yourself from Facebook and not be part of this.

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    But Facebook is the bad guy and so is Google. I'm fine with people that are Facebook users and the data they shared on Facebook. But that is not the case here. Facebook is tracking and creating profiles for people that don't have Facebook accounts. That is a massive breach of privacy. So yes, Facebook is absolutely the bad guy when they are tracking everyone on the Internet. They are even buying data from external companies in order to fill the gaps about their users. Just think about it for a second. Those people never agreed to any terms of service or agreements with Facebook and yet they still have their private data mined by Facebook.

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    It is true that perhaps it is a little exaggerated, but on the other hand it is also consistent.
    It would be something ironic if a navigator wants to be as respectful with our privacy, as Vivaldi and put on the other hand links to websites that respect it less, as Facebook has shown.
    I also do not understand why the forum is full of posts, complaining about any relationship that Vivaldi may have with Google, which is certainly not desirable, but they do not find it so important to remove this relationship with Facebook, which I consider much worse

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    Good decision, respecting your own convictions

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