Ctrl+Shift+Enter for *.org Autocomplete in URL

  • Just like in Firefox. Right now, typing "google" in address bar then Ctrl+Enter would turn into "google.com" and go.

    I think Shift+Enter should act the same, but for .net.

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    I don't know that I'd want *.org specifically, but it would be cool to have the option for additional domain expansions. You can already configure Ctrl+Enter, why not allow configuring another hotkey (whether Shift+Enter or Ctrl+Shift+Enter or something else) for a different domain expansion like *.net, *.org, *.edu, or anything else?

    FWIW, you can get Ctrl+Enter to expand to several different things as described in this post. I find it clunkier though than just typing the desired expansion.

    These domain expansion keyboard shortcuts should also be duplicated in Quick Commands, to increase consistency in the user experience. Right now there's no quick command domain expansion as far as I know.

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