Side Panel not collapsing properly?

  • Whenever i use keyboard commands to toggle the side panel for lets say the bookmark panel and then toggle it again, it closes the particular panel but leaves the side panel itself (the strip with the icons for bookmarks, history, notes, etc) on screen.

    I don't remember it always doing it this way. I have the book marks set to ctrl+B and the panel by default, hidden. I used to press ctrl+b to open bookmarks panel and toggle it again and it would completely collapse the entire panel from sight. Now it leaves the main panel open and I have to use another command to close the main panel, or use the panel toggle when activated under settings<panel<panel options<show panel toggle.

    Is there a setting I am missing or any way to make the panel to collapse entirely from site without performing this extra step?

    Edit: I will probably just resort to just toggling the panel i want, then using a seperate command to close the entire panel. I just remember always being able to press ctrl+B, ctrl+B and the panel would be out of sight. Now i'll be pressing ctrl+B, alt+Q or something to close the whole thing. I guess it isn't that big of a deal, but it would be nice if just pressing the same command used to open the specific panel would close it completely.

  • Toggling the panel container is simply a different shortcut than toggling the bookmarks panel. If you toggle the bookmarks panel, the panel container has to appear for it to show. I would keep the bookmarks panel open and just toggle the panel container in your stead.

  • Alright. Maybe that is how I used to do it but was just remembering incorrectly. That does seem to work. If I just toggle the panel container, it opens straight to the bookmarks panel. So toggling the panel container will open whichever panel was previously active? Good to know either way. Thanks.

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