How to view https information (ciphersuite, TLS version) in Vivaldi?

  • I've been working on improving the security configuration of my site - ensuring that it uses the most secure protocols by default, while still working with Opera Presto implementations that only support TLS 1.1 - and was curious how to view which ciphersuite and TLS version are being used to connect to a site in Vivaldi. In Firefox, I can do this with the lock, right arrow, and "More Information", and see:

    alt text

    Whereas in Opera 12, I click the lock and then "Details", and see:

    alt text

    But I haven't found a way to view this in Vivaldi. Site settings is great for permissions, and viewing the certificate itself is easy, but this particular information is something I haven't found in Vivaldi.


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    @nokiafan808 Open the Developer Tools and click on the Security tab.

  • Thanks, sure enough, it's there! That's one more item where I'll be able to use Vivaldi as my default.

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    Yes, the SSL information can be found in Security tab of Developer Tools'but that is not user friendly at all.
    A Page Info like in Mozilla browsers is really missing in Vivaldi.

    The related feature wish exists since years as: VB-53 "Page info panel is missing"

    The feature wish for this is at

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