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  • Is it possible to create a tabs bar icon whose function is to clear all private data similar to the function of clear all private data from menu->settings (Cntrl+Shift+Del), simiar to the sync icon that appears in a preview image of @lonm browser which appears in the Custom Tab Stack CSS thread?

    It would be great if clicking the icon does the actual clearing as set before hand on the clear data pop up menu, and not just call the clear private data pop up window, but hey, just calling the pop up window would be great.

    I can not understand the wisdom of having easy and rapid access to clearing the closed tabs history by placing a trash icon on the tabs bar, then hiding the more important clear all private data under several clicks or to the keyboard challeged, under a shortcut.

    Edit: or even change the action of clicking the trash icon to clearing all private data and not just clear visited links history, since clearing all private data also clears visited links history.

  • As far as I know… no. You would have to edit the source for this and good luck with that. That's no fun and very very hard to do for an outsider.

    Doing this as a regular javascript mod isn't possible, I've tried before with something similar. I managed to simulate the keydown events but nothing happened.

    Try one of these: private data?hl=en-US&_category=extensions

    – A chrome extension gives you an action button in the address bar, isn't native but the best you can get if you don't want to use the keyboard shortcut.

  • A quick attempt was unsuccessful. Some points:

    • If you haven't already, vote for this FR and this one- Old opera let you make custom buttons and assign commands to them.
    • I've just done a test to see if I could use JS to simulate keypresses. It seems that won't work - I guess Vivaldi gets it's commands the regular way with key events bound to the OS window rather than DOM document.

    There will be a way to, at the very least, show the pop-up (if not the action itself), as Vivaldi has a DOM-implemented modal for this action, and an associated button on the history page.

  • @lonm
    I haven't but now I have, and thank you and @luetage for looking into it.


  • Further experimentation shows that if you use the inspector and drag and drop (only the best engineers program in this manner 😋) the clear button from the history page to next to the closed tabs icon it works fine.

    However, after you close the tab it stops working. A determined person could try and figure out how to properly clone whatever event listener is in use, but the extension (assuming it's properly tested and maintained) mentioned by @luetage above is probably the best bet.

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