Built In Adblock Customable Plugin

  • Hello everyone, i'm from Indonesian. I like this browser UI, and i think the others do too. Hmmm may be i have some sugestion for the developers, i think be better to include built in adblock plugin that can customable. I mean that we can choose enable or disable it. I use adblock plugin on my chrome and its very usefull. I wish on this browser has its own adblock plugin. ^_^ Thanks.

  • Has anyone figured out if the built-in content blocker (see attached image) is functional and, if so, how to use? (I dinked with it briefly but concluded it must not yet be functional)


  • Moderator

    This Content blocker is, in truth, just a Content hider. It doesn't block ads, it just hides them. It activates a CSS file with rules for common ad elements.

  • Thanks An_dz - appreciate the feedback 🙂


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