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    I really would like to see Vivaldi improving pages with insecure certificates. If you happen to load your home router login url for example which is an internal IP, its probably not signed. Sometimes the page works, sometimes Vivaldi gets stuck. When it works the normal Chrome page warning appears and you can exclude it but then it appears again. This is annoying. I would like to exclude a specific address for ever, so I don't have to see the warning again. Currently pages with insecure https certificates sometimes don't even display the warning, I have to keep reloading it until the warning appears.

    So, it's been 3 YEARS since this was first posted and the same bug is still present, any plans on getting around fixing this? The workarounds, including "switch to new tab and then back" doesn't work, importing the insecure (self-signed) certificate to Trusted Storage and setting Vivaldi flags for loading those doesn't work, reloading the page doesn't work, clearing the cache etc. doesn't work.

    I only get a blank page (instead of the warning allowing me to proceed anyway) with the title "Privacy Error". The only solution to this is using another browser and it's becoming a deal breaker for me, as I'm unable to connect to my private server etc. with Vivaldi because of this.

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  • @neome since the described scenario is working for me and many others it is unlikely a Vivaldi(-only) issue.
    If IE and Edge work without warning after cert import, maybe the Chromium security requirements (key size, hash type) are stricter an the certificate should be updated.
    If IE and Edge also give errors, it is likely that the certificate was importet to the wrong place (the dialogs are confusing for this operation).

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    @neome Vivaldi 1.14.1077.60 Stable on my Windows 10 shows a error page with invalid certificates.
    You can proceed with the link on the page.

    And if i export certs from my local devices, add the certs to my users trusted root certificate store, all is fine.
    I tested that with my DSM NAS and Fritz!Box router.

  • @becm Thank you for your answer. Wrong place must've been the case, I deleted the certificate and re-installed it, but this time I chose "Local Computer" instead of "Current User" (IIRC I installed Vivaldi using "All Users"). Vivaldi is now accepting it and everything is working as it should (no warning page or blank page, goes straight to asking for login credentials). IE and Chrome are still throwing errors, but that's OK, since there is something wrong with the address on the cert.

    @Gwen-Dragon Thank you for your answer. I forgot to mention that I'm on 1.15.1146.5 Snapshot (for sync).

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    @neome said in Privacy error SSL:

    I forgot to mention that I'm on 1.15.1146.5 Snapshot (for sync).

    That is this bug: https://vivaldi.com/blog/snapshots/fixes-for-recent-problems-with-extensions/#post-204418


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