Empty tabs bar (all tabs disappearing)

  • Hello,

    I've faced the following issue a few times and it seems to be a small bug in Vivaldi. I've found a "workaround" to solve it temporarily but, for me, this isn't a normal browser behavior.
    When I close a tab from a tabs stack, the entire tabs bar gets empty (see picture).

    0_1523059506397_Vivaldi tab bar.png

    The only way I've found to get all the tabs back in the tab bar is to click on the setting gear and, under the Tabs section, I uncheck and check again the "Show tabs bar" option.
    So, the bug isn't too annoying because of that quick solution but I think this could maybe be fixed someday?

    FYI : Windows 10 64bits with Vivaldi 1.14.1077.60

    Thank you very much in advance and viva Vivaldi! because I like it 😉

    Have a nice day.

  • Moderator

    @ornorm Have you file a bug report?

    That said, yours is the only report I have ever seen, of such a curious effect. Do you by any chance run any extensions?

  • @ayespy Yes I do :

    Application Launcher for Drive (by Google) 3.2
    Black Menu for Googleâ„¢ 17.0.28
    Bouton Enregistrer Pinterest 3.0.81
    Checker Plus for Gmailâ„¢
    Checker Plus for Google Calendarâ„¢ 24.0.2
    eID Chrome Extension 1.0.0
    Gmail Sender Icons 1.0
    Google Dictionary (by Google) 4.0.8
    Hover Zoom+ 1.0.125
    Kaspersky Password Manager 4.0.37
    Kaspersky Protection
    OneNote Web Clipper 3.7.7
    Remember The Milk for Gmail 1.0.4
    RevEye Reverse Image Search 1.4.5
    uBlock Origin 1.15.18
    Weather 4.2.99
    WOT: Web of Trust, Évaluation de la réputation de sites Web

    Oops... I love extensions.

  • I have the same issue, though it happens randomly, not just when I close a tab.

  • Still an issue for me too. Haven't recognised any pattern yet.

  • @JerDoggMcKoy The last post from @Ayespy asked about extensions.
    The missing info was that this problem is <likely> caused by one (or more) of those and you should disable them to check this.

    If you have not enabled them for incognito - then retest your problem in an incognito window; otherwise disable ALL extensions and then restart Vivaldi to test.

    Note: Rather than restart to workaround problem, you can activate show/hide tab bar as a keyboard shortcut OR as mouse gesture.

  • @TbGbe
    Opening and closing a few tabs with mouse gestures usually solves the problem for me. But indeed, it is a very frustrating bug.

  • @Nekomajin I didn't mean using mouse to open/close Tabs; I meant using a gesture to Show/Hide the whole TAB BAR.

  • @TbGbe
    I get that. I just wanted to offer an alternative.

  • Moderator

    May be the disappearing tab bar bug is fixed in 2.4 1468.4 Snapshot.

  • Moderator

    @Gwen-Dragon I've seen someone on the discord chat room mention that they experienced disappearing tabs on the latest snapshot.

  • Vivaldi Team

    We're looking into it. Using a keyboard shortcut to open a new tab should also bring the tab bar back.

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