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  • Hi
    I am a newcomer to the Vivaldi browser. And I have to say it's got some great features i've not seen anywhere else.
    However, I seem to have problems with the bookmarks, specifically, i cannot seem to drag bookmarks around - I am so used to this in other browsers ( i'm still using Firefox for some things)... I don't know if this is either a bug, or there isn't such functionality in Vivaldi?
    i have a few other weird behaviors but i figured i would post about them in due course...

  • You have to provide more information. Are you trying to drag bookmarks in the panel, on the bookmarks bar, or on the bookmarks site?

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    @marll There are two places in the browser where you can drag the bookmarks wherever you like. If you have the side panel open, then click on the little bookmark icon and it will open the bookmark panel, which has full bookmark editing capabilities. If you don't have the side panel open, press F4 to open it.

    The other place is the bookmark manager. There are a number of ways to open this. Press Ctrl+b; or go to the start page (Speed Dial) and click on the "Bookmarks" label in the bar along the top; or enter vivaldi://bookmarks in the address bar. The bookmark manager has all of the same capabilities as the bookmark panel, just arranged a bit differently.

    In time, the Bookmarks Bar will have more sorting and editing capabilities, but not yet.

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