DuckduckGo problem

  • I like my illusion of privacy online so I changed my default searchengine to DuckduckGo. There is only one problem though; the engine seems to think I am danish or swedish. I AM NOT! I am a norwegian and when I search setting the switch to Norway I still get danish or swedish results. If I use Google this never happens. Can anybody please axpain this?

  • DDG serves me stuff in french sometimes, and that's because I have a french language pack installed.

    See here:

    The network inspector shows I am requesting other language,s so DuckDuckgo will honour that. Other engines like google might ignore this http header completely in favour of whatever settings are stored to your user account, the domain (e.g. .com) or just pick the first entry in that header.

  • Thank you for the respons. My problem doesn't fit this because I only have norwegian, english an japanese installed. No swedish or danish.

  • @1492sn Very strange. Try going here: and setting the region settings.

    Country Will change the location & language the results are found from.
    Language Will just change the language of the duckduckgo website:


  • That seems to help. Thank you.


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