Point Vivaldi homepage visitors/downloaders to recent developer snapshot

  • As a first point of contact at this point in Vivaldi's development (and based on my very positive experience with developmental releases) it seems to me like it would be better if the Vivaldi [url=https://www.vivaldi.com]homepage[/url] pointed downloaders to a recent Developer snapshot rather than Technical Preview 2... ...or perhaps to both TP2 and a recent snapshot (or the [url=https://vivaldi.net/blogs/teamblog]Team Blog[/url]?) with some verbiage about the rapidly evolving features/bug fixes and suggesting a trial of the most recent snapshot before reporting bugs or requesting features. As it is currently, there are any number of new-user questions, bug report threads, and feature requests being posted in the forums by new TP2 users who have no clue about the existence of developer releases that have already addressed their concerns. It seems like pointing them to a recent snapshot from the Vivaldi [url=https://www.vivaldi.com]homepage[/url] would result in a better new-user experience and a reduction of unnecessarily redundant forum posts that are outdated even before they are posted. And in my experience so far, every developmental release since TP2 has been at least as stable and less buggy than the one before, so I can't see any reason for a new user to start with TP2. (Please enlighten me if I've overlooked or am simply unaware of some reason.)

  • I completely agree.

    People nowadays are lazy, thy are ruined by the markets, so a manual download is already considered an incredible effort, looking for something not obvious, is completely out of question :lol: .

    Not a single person of the ones I "evangelized" about Vivaldi was able to find the latest download w/o my directions.

    So yes a link to the snapshots should be an high priority task.

  • Moderator

    I think I have to agree. Development is moving so fast that people who are downloading the TPs are complaining of problems we almost forgot ever existed.

  • @Ayespy:

    …people who are downloading the TPs are complaining of problems we almost forgot ever existed.

    Exactly! ;)

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