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  • I am using a website that uses location data to give me content relative to my position, but have found that it frequently thinks I'm in a location 10,000 miles away. I used live at the location 10,000 miles away, but have not been there for 9 months. Cleared all cache, cookies, verified no VPN running, FB updated with current location, Google Maps getting my correct location, so I don't know where it is coming from hence....

    In vivaldi://settings/content/location

    1. It would be really useful have this page display the current location the browser thinks I'm at.
    2. A REFRESH button that causes the browser to verify it's location would be helpful in both a situation making sure current location is correct, or updating location due to a new VPN session launch.


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    @artpoetryfiction This seems like a bug to me. If geolocation is enabled then it should refresh automatically as many users will make use of laptops or tablets.

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