Annoying bug: Empty spaces between tabs with vertical tab bar

  • I'm facing an annoying issue for a while:

    • I'm using Vivaldi with the vertical tab bar layout for quite a long time,
    • was working fine till recently, but can't determine until when neither in terms of time nor of version,
    • so, since then, after having used Vivaldi for a while (from a few minutes to some hours), I get an odd behavior:
      • when I close a tab, placed between 2 others, an empty space is left in-between instead of below tabs moved upward, shown as 2 on this screenshot:
        0_1523002906495_Vivaldi vertical tabs issue.png
      • then, new tabs are displayed in unexpected positions, and sometimes on top of another one, shown as 1 on above screenshot.

    For WIW, I've often many tabs open, including tab stacks. Additionally, I also have 1 or more other Vivaldi Windows with even more tabs.

    I'll file a bug, but submitted this also here to share & discuss.

  • Moderator

    I have seen similar reports about the horizontal tab bar.

    Try disabling Animation in Settings, Appearance.

  • @pesala OK, I'll try this and will let you know if it works, thanks!

  • @Pesala so far sounds good, thanks Pesala!

  • @pesala I definitely confirm the suggested workaround, didn't face the issue since disabled "Appearance- Use Animation", thanks again!

  • @terdale Interesting to know! Just for info, if you have already reported the issue: I think that you can add some more details (like this one) by simply replying to the bug tracker confirmation mail that you must have received.


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