Active update notification pop-up vs passive TaskBar notification?

  • I'm not sure when this behavior started on my system, but for quite some time now (months?) I haven't received a pop up window advising a Vivaldi Snapshot update is available.

    Only when I happen to click on the up-caret to the left of the Windows Task Bar (for hidden icons) do I see a Vivaldi icon, which when I click on it notifies me of an available update.

    Scrolling through Tools > Settings I only see a single check box for Notify About Updates, which is checked on my system.

    Is there some way to resume the notification pop-ups when a Vivaldi Snapshot is made available?

  • @wpcoe For me it worked out by simply disable and re-enable said option.

  • Well, duh. That is so simple. I'll try it. Thanks!

  • Too good to be true? I did as @zaibon indicated, and today just noticed the passive (hidden) icon in the Windows Taskbar indicating a new Vivaldi snapshot was available.

    So, to repeat: Is there some way to re-instate the pop-up I used to get to notify me that a new snapshot is available?

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    @wpcoe It will show up when there is an update and when none has been checked for within the last 24 hours.

  • Not sure I understand that reply, @Ayespy.

    In the past, whenever Vivaldi found an update it would pop-up a window alerting me to the fact. I liked that.

    Now, it just silently places a hidden icon in the Windows Taskbar. I don't like that.

    How can I return to having a pop-up window every time there's a new snapshot?

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    @wpcoe I get the popup - but it's temporary. If you don't react with it in time, it goes to the taskbar.

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