Bookmarking open tabs suggestions

  • Moderator

    I have two suggestions for bookmarking open tabs. The first is to save them in a folder that the user could name or be named by the current date. Right now they are all saved in the root folder. The second is to have an option to bookmark a stack. Because most of the time you have other tabs open.

  • +1 for this, both for all tabs on active window and for all tabs in stack

    …and in passing I'll mention a similar request for the eventual ability to save sessions: the ability to save all tabs across all windows as a session, all tabs in the current window as a session, and all tabs in a stack as a session (similar saved session requests may already have been posted, but I haven't yet had a chance to search the forum and add my vote)

  • Moderator

    I'll like to add another suggestion that would complement the first two. It would also be good that when you open a folder (load all pages of it) it would open as a stack by default.

  • +1 for folder opens as stack. Good idea! 🙂


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