New user testing Vivaldi out!

  • Hello, everyone! I happened to hear about Vivaldi during a discussion of Chrome's malware feature and thought I would give it a try. Bon chance! There's even an email service and my name wasn't taken (as uncommon as it is).

    This is only my second day using it and, so far, I'm enjoying it. I am curious about documentation though. There are some options for which I cannot find adequate descriptions of their effects.

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    @seantullis Press F1 for Help. Documentation is work in progress as new features are added regularly.

    Check out the Snapshot builds for the latest developments.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.15.1146.5 (64-bit)

  • @seantullis
    Welcome to Vivaldi and the forum. In case the Helpsite doesn't cover what you're looking for feel free to ask us.
    From my personal view there is a ton of features that took me a while to discover and get used too.

    e.g. two of my personal favourites for a fast browsing mostly via the keyboard are the quickcommand menu (just press "F2") where you can enter a lot of commands directly and and the keyboard cheat-sheet (press "Ctrl+F1") where you can look up what keyboard shortcuts are assigned to what function (although to change them you'll need to open the settings)


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