Fixes for recent problems with extensions – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.15.1146.5

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    @ruario said:

    If you were having extension problems with recent snapshots, this is the update you were waiting for!


    • [Regression] Some extensions don’t react on mouse click (VB-38617)
    • [Regression] Tab back/forward history lost on drag and drop (VB-39001)
    • [Regression] Vivaldi tree not populated (VB-38229)
    • [Regression] Window is closed when closing last tab stack (VB-39120)
    • [Linux] Save password dialog does not show up (VB-38805)
    • [Mac]’Manage Bookmarks’ can be shown after bookmarks (VB-39155)
    • [Speed Dials] Pending thumbnail updates displayed incorrectly in status bar (VB-38918)
    • [Speed Dials] Tiled SD links open in wrong tile (VB-38891)
    • [Sync] Don’t display unknown sync status when not logged in (VB-39061)
    • Themes with rounded corners cut part of characters typed in search field (VB-38752)
    • Google Chat is not supported in Vivaldi (VB-39030)

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