Scrollbar bug?

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with the scrollbars:

    Leftclicking on the arrows activatets the arrow button and the page scrolls by one line.
    However, sometimes the arrow button remains activated and the page scrolls permanently (just like pressing the LMB permanently). When I move the mousepointer away from the button, it is still activated, but the scrolling stops. Hovering the mouse again over the activated arrow button resumes page scrolling.

    This behaviour occurs only approx. every fith click, i.e. it is not always observed.
    However, it annoys me badly.
    I already checked another mouse - same thing

    Can anyone confirm this strange scrollbar behaviour?

    To my knowledge, it appeared with upgrading to Vivaldi 1.15

    Win 8.1 64bit
    Vivaldi 1.15.1146.5 (Official Build) (32-bit)

    PS: Why the user agent says: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/65.0.3325.183 Safari/537.36 Vivaldi/1.96.1146.5
    Did I miss some version jump?

  • @lucius Mmh tested this with a few different sites but no luck to reproduce this.
    For your second question the user agent that vivaldi shows to websites wrong on purpose to minimise wrong detection via websites as they can't handle the original version counting vivaldi uses - or something like that was the reason. In every case: no you didn't missed a version jump

    EDIT: tested this with viv 1.15.1137.3 (32bit) on win7 (64bit)

  • Thank you!
    So it seems to be a problem specific to my system.

    It is strange, since the scrollbar problem only affects the Vivaldi window...

  • I can confirm this bug. It's very annoying. I tried to uninstall/re-install, no change. I disabled Smooth Scrolling, no change.

    System Spec 2: Vivaldi 1.15.1146.5 x64 - Windows 10 Pro x64 1709.1699.334 - HP LT 17z_AMD A12 9720P_8GB RAM_1TB HDD_AMD Radeon R7-360 17.7.1

  • @lucius said in Scrollbar bug?:

    Can anyone confirm this strange scrollbar behaviour?

    Yes, random, infrequent, but annoying... & i am on Linux, so it's not only limited to Windows. Don't remember it happening < 1.15.x.

  • Glad to hear I am not the only one.
    Hopefully the Vivaldi team will be able to find the cause and fix it until stable release

    PS (off-topic):
    @Steffie I am particularly honored to get a reply by one of the most famous Vivaldi old-timers ;-)

  • @lucius said in Scrollbar bug?:

    get a reply by one of the most famous Vivaldi old-timers ;-)

    Now now sonny, i'm a wee bit deaf so just speak loudly into this here ear-trumpet, please... & wait for me to put my false-teeth back in... & i just need to fetch my walking frame... oh dear, now the wind-up gramophone player has run down again. Isn't it scary, i saw at the moving-picture theeater that next week some folks in my village are going to get the elektrickery put on in their house, though i'm not sure i hold with that darn new-fangled tomfoolery stuff. I'm a bit thirsty now so i'll just shuffle out to the yard to pump me a glass of water from the well, as ma throat is plum parched. I might be some time...

  • I've been havin' this problem for 3 Snapshots in a row.
    Windows 7 x64

    I've just been usin' my mouse wheel to do my work, unfortunately. Hopefully a fix soon! Thanks for everything.

  • @lucius said in Scrollbar bug?:

    Hopefully the Vivaldi team will be able to find the cause and fix it until stable release

    They will need to be informed of it first :) Developers rarely read these forum threads.

    You should create a bug report

    Note: After confirmation by @Steffie this is not Windows only bug.

  • Yes, the scrollbars are driving me crazy!

    Left click and hold on either the scrollbar thumb or one of the up/down arrows.
    Then move you cursor off of the scrollbar and release the button.
    Return the cursor to the scroll bar.

    The scrollbar will act as if you still have the mouse button held down over the thumb/arrow. Truly annoying since I don't have a scroll wheel on my trackball.

    Sometimes occurs when loading a page or hovering over things that cause tool-tips to pop-up. Though that seems to be much more difficult to reliably reproduce. Seems to have something to do with a delay before the tip shows or something.

    Effects the scrollbars that appear in web pages as well. Also Web Panels.
    Doesn't seem to effect the Vertical tab scrollbar or Panel Notes, Bookmarks, Downloads, History, or Window scrollbars. Nor the settings page whether it opened as a window or a tab.

    Windows 7 x64, Vivaldi x64 1.15.1146.5.

  • Different problem here, on Linux. Hovering over the scrollbar causes the shuttle to jump to the mouse pointer. No clicking needed. Move the pointer away from the scrollbar, it stops; move it back over, it starts again.

    Related, on Google Maps, dragging with the mouse often causes drag-lock action, which takes a mouse click to break. This is very arbitrary, which causes a lot of unpredictability.

    I've seen this behavior for at least two snapshots.

  • @paul1149 I think that was also happening to me... but since i rebuilt my Profile t'other day afaics the scrollbar pains have gone away [sadly though both initial "bugs" / faults that caused me to rebuild, have returned].

  • The test is the drag-lock action at google maps. It doesn't happen with every drag, but it happens often enough to be a pretty solid test.

  • I thought it was fixed in 1.15.1147.19 but it still happens quite frequently in 1.15.1147.23.

  • I have this bug also. Came here specifically to ask if anyone had this issue. It's very random, very annoying.

    I've had this for a while now, can't remember which snapshot brought this in though.

    Has anyone raised a bug report yet?

    Win7, latest vivaldi snapshot

  • @spanakop
    I did report a bug

  • Moderator

    @lucius Which VB-XXXX bugnumber has your bug?

  • @gwen-dragon
    it is VB-39663 "Event "onMousebuttonRelease" randomly ignored on scrollbars"

    EDIT: sorry for the delay

  • What? Is this a bug?!?!?!?!

    I thought it's a feature! I requested to disable this:

    I'm so confused! ...but this bug or feature is driving me crazy!

  • @lucius said in Scrollbar bug?:

    it is VB-39663 "Event "onMousebuttonRelease" randomly ignored on scrollbars"

    EDIT: sorry for the delay

    Could you link the bug report so I can follow this?

    Thank you.

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