Fixes for recent problems with extensions – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.15.1146.5

  • Vivaldi Team

    If you were having extension problems with recent snapshots, this is the update you were waiting for!

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  • 1st. is vivaldi crashing a lot when opening dev tools just for me or for everyone?

  • Oh Yes first.

  • @jacekn: meanwhile, using the fact im on the top :D funny bug:
    vivaldi ui is slow, we can't deny it's slowest ui of every browser and it is INCREDIBLY slow on tablets with Atom processors.

    and this slowness probably causes funny [?] race condition [?] - when the screen is stuck on "all grey" (usually it's vivaldi logo splash screen but it's often misaligned and often positioned off-canvas) vivaldi will still run youtube workers and youtube will display new movies notifications

    if you click such notification during grey screen - the youtube tab opens in invisible mode - it's not listen on tab list, trying to open new tab (to maybe refresh ui state) doesn't help - youtube movie is making noise in the background and you can't do anything else than kill the process, because even closing vivaldi causes ghost process to still play the video.

    too lazy to try to reproduce and report oficially so i'm gonna leave it here as a comment

  • 0_1522928777639_Vivaldi_setup_err.png

    Win10x64 Vx64

    I tried again:

    I tried to download the file and do a manual update. Cannot install - always get the "unspecified error"

  • Vivaldi Team

    @helsten2: I wonder if you have a connection problem to our download server and this results in partial downloads. Check the signature, if it is broken, you probably are

  • @ruario Why yes - Google Hangouts now works again! Thanks very much Vivaldi Team!!

  • Vivaldi Team

    Or if it is easier for you, the md5sum for Vivaldi.1.15.1146.5.x64.exe should be 37afbe3e3da7ede03616ef27a9c2fbb5

  • @ruario: I rebooted the machine, and I could install. All good :)

  • I still have mouse-out problems on macOS. Hovering any button with a hover background and moving away from it results in the button still keeping the hover background until I click somewhere. This is true for the Vivaldi UI including panel, as well as extensions.

  • @luetage: Same on Windows.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Mouse gesture still do not work when page is loading and other circumstances...

  • @rtransformation: Seconded.

  • Think of me what you want but

    • Google Chat is not supported in Vivaldi (VB-39030)

    sounded more like a welcome feature than an issue to me.

  • Vivaldi takes 100% focus and doesn't allow me to show the hidden windows taskbar anymore by moving the cursor to the edge.

    Could this bug be linked with the one that makes the pages runaway scrolling when clicking with the mouse in the scroll bar?

    System Spec 2: Vivaldi 1.15.1146.5 x64 - Windows 10 Pro x64 1709.1699.334 - HP LT 17z_AMD A12 9720P_8GB RAM_1TB HDD_AMD Radeon R7-360 17.7.1

  • Still cannot import passwords from Chrome - They are not stored. Login manually to sites are stored.
    Debian Stretch x64

  • It's a very minor point, but either for the entire 1.15.x series, or otherwise at least the last 4 Snapshots [including still this latest one], in Linux at least, the mouse pointer does not change shape when any link in any page is hovered.

    Another ongoing / recent bug, again in Linux at least, is the loss of ability to drag an image from another program [Shutter, in my case] into Vivaldi Snapshot & drop it into an active text box [like this one in which i'm writing this post]. The following image [which is unrelated to anything, it's merely a random image being used as a guinea pig here] if i was using Stable, or an older SS, would have appeared via D&D, but in these recent SS's i must manually Copy, & then Paste.


  • @steffie Conversely, for some pleasant news, so far in this new SS my mouse gestures have all worked reliably [& none has crashed V, either]. A tentative yay...

  • @steffie Steffie - I'm on the latest 18.3 Linux Mint, and my mouse pointer does change from an arrow to a hand with the index finger extended when I hover over your image, or over a link. Is that what you mean?

  • @jacekn: Try disabling hardware acceleration

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