How to find out the UI CSS classes used?

  • In various modifications I see people suggesting to update elements such as toolbar-addressbar .button-toolbar.browserAction-button and .button-toolbar.home.

    Is there a list of such elements somewhere?
    Is it possible to use the DevTools to inspect the UI and as consequence edit it?

  • Found the flag...
    For future reference:

    1. Go to vivaldi://flags
    2. Set Debugging for packed apps to enabled
    3. Restart Vivaldi

    You can now right-click UI elements and inspect them.

  • you have to start vivaldi with parametres:

    --debug-packed-apps --silent-debugger-extension-api

    Then right-click inspect

  • Not really; my answer above works great for me in macOS. Thanks, though!

  • @burbuja

    Both ways work

  • @idanadar If you set the flag permanently you will always have the additional entries in the right click menu. If you start up with the flag, you have the ability to inspect for this session only. It's simply a matter of taste.

  • Yep! I like it always there. Thanks all!

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