Left click on back arrow gives a picklist of previous pages

  • I only want to go back 1 page. This new functionality of the pick list (introduced a couple of updates ago) means that I need to use 2 mouse clicks instead of my preferred 1 (I do this A LOT).

    I discovered that the mouse rocker option (set in settings - hold Right button, click left button, anywhere on the page) is an even better option that the old 'click back arrow'.

    I hope this helps others. SHIRLEY

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    @elricks This is not the normal way for Vivaldi to function. It is not written in, or intended. None of my versions do this - but yours does.

    The only way I can get a pick list it so hold down the left button for an extended time, until the list appears, or to right-click.

    What version of Windows are you using, and on what hardware?

    Have you installed extensions? It would help the developers if they could track down how such a corruption of the normal function could occur.

    (BTW - the "back" button should also take you back one spot in history, and so should the "back" mouse gesture (depress the right mouse button and swipe left.)

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    Even better is a mouse gesture. I use GestureLeft for History Back and GestureRight for History Forward.

    0_1522903359345_History Back.png

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