Make Current Tab More Distinguishable

  • Hello,
    after a long (but I confess not totally complete (after reading hundreds of posts, I stopped...) search for this feature requests, I think the following hasn't been submitted yet.

    0_1522884125587_Highlighted Active Tab.png

    It would be very nice to have the current tab more visible. Indeed, I often face this annoying coincidence of having the active/current tab becoming almost invisible because the contrast between the tabs isn't effective enough (on the picture above, the RTM tab is slightly lighter than the others but not enough to directly be able to see it. On the second example, a suggestion of the tab underlined with another color).

    One solution could be to have the active/current tab highlighted (underlined? gradient? something else?)

    FYI : 1. softening the colors doesn't resolve the issue
    2. using a theme with "adapt the main color according to the site" activated

    Thank you very much in advance for your feedback and have a wonderful day.

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    @ornorm Interesting. Must be theme related - as in you have picked colors for different aspects of the UI that are extremely similar to each other. In my theme, the active tab always jumps right off the screen at me - a vivid marine or turquoise against a transparent background over a mostly-black image.

  • @ornorm for now the only workaround is to use a more complementary (ie lighter) accent color.

    @ayespy (modified) dark themes often have visibility problems with tabs, if the user does not want the address bar or window background to stick out too much (see standard dark theme modes).

    Only solution would be a decoupled coloring option for address bar and active tab (leading to other but maybe less limiting optical drawbacks).

  • Already reported as bug: VB-39007

  • @ayespy This is indeed related to a dark theme on the example I've submitted but it might happen for other colors as well because I'm using a theme which adapts its main color according to the site which is visited.

  • @stilgarwolf Thank you. I'll watch that bug then. Have a nice day.

  • I can admit that sometimes it's really hard to distinguish where is the current tab...
    There should be some mechanism to prevent visual "blending" of current tab when it has same (or nearly the same) color as surrounding ones...

    I use standard "Light" theme - not any dark one.


    This is fine request but I'd reword it to "make current tab more distinguishable" or something similar.

  • @rotfl Done 😉

  • yes!
    and also PLAYING TAB more distinguishable, youtube or other tab that is playing audio. animated audio icon is too small, i can't spot it immediatelly

  • @bitzbuddhaz I quite agree with your comment and comparison with Opera which is indeed more visible. The contrast and the animation of the loudspeaker in Vivaldi isn't really visible.

  • A solution is playing with plus icon. More this allow to add easily a new tab where you want. Look specialy this suggestion.


  • i don't think having to add a accent color when one doesn't want one should be touted as a solution. now that said my vavaldi is all dark, but i have a white under score under the tab / tabstack i'm on. what would be nice is to somehow have similar on the active tab in stacked tabs.


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