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    I dont know if I had asked this before, I could not find the post if I did; is it a bug that Keyword Search does not work like a SE ?
    Setting a nickname (xx) for a BM with a 'string'+%s in it and then invoking in location bar as "XX test" does not pull up the BM as an SE but just does a default search.
    But if we just type "XX" it works correctly as a static BM and pulls up the BM'd site with 'string'%s.
    I never did like the concept of SEs, specially when they took it away from BMs so they (Chrome) could earn even more evil $; and it always worked that way in FF & Chrome before they realized and pushed the concept of SEs on us and downloaded them without our permission.
    For this, I ask if we can get back the BM as a SE; can avoid the whole Sync bug; and maintaining it as a BM improves maintainability.

    Its just a few steps more to use the way it is now and less faster, and could really ease our lives if BMs could go back to the days we could store a BM with keyword (nickname in V) search (for a particular string we use very often to search with) and when using it, just follow the NN with the string we need to suffix for the current search.

    The main pain comes when I have to set this again and again on numerous machines.

    (Basically make BMs work like SE when we require them to - and avoid maintaining another Collection in Settings)

  • you can have nicknames in search engines and use them exactly this way, without the need to have the functionality duplicated in bookmarks.


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