Browser Not Responding To Microsoft Attempt To Make Us Use Edge.

  • I love this browser and am a novice at this browser war but i have read and noticed that Microsoft is saying and has implemented ways to stop the other browsers work in windows 10 saying it is for the children in the schools and forcing all to go and use edge which i hate.

    I have installed a git hub work around that helps some but does not work all the time. Some mornings I come on and wait as long as 10 minutes to get on the web because of this, I can go to edge and get on right away. Bull crap I do not want to be forced to use that browser. Any thoughts or suggestions would be very much appreciated. I love my Vivaldi want to keep it always.

  • @ethelena Sounds like the "safer web browsing" child protection service.
    Try to disable it in

  • You mention a GitHub workaround. You should be able to just set V as the default from within windows without needing potentially dubious workarounds.

    The only time it is ever at risk of being changed is during a windows "feature update" (usually every six months) - and as I recall that didn't happen to me the last time.

    Within windows:

    • Press the windows key
    • Type default
    • Open Default app (settings)
    • Make sure the web browser is set correctly

    You can also go further form the above screen:

    • Scroll down
    • Open choose default applications by file type
    • Set html files (and any other file you wish vivaldi to use, I also do it for pdfs) to open in vivaldi
    • Go back
    • Open choose default applications by protocol
    • Set HTTP and HTTPS to open with vivaldi

  • @lonm I don't think that's what the OP is talking about. There is a Windows 10 feature that gets enabled when using a family account that blocks the entire use of other browsers.

  • @0asdf Oh, ok. I misunderstood the problem then. I'll leave the advice there in case it helps someone else.

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