Multiple Nicknames for Bookmarks

  • I would just simply like the ability to refer to a bookmark by more than one nickname. Something that parses the nickname field would be totally cool. I have multiple pages I have marked for work. Sometimes I forget the exact nickname or refer to it by another name and I have to remember exactly what the nickname is.

    Example: Our Tech Support Site URL
    Nickname Field: TechSupport, TS, CustSupport, CS
    Alternatively: #TechSupport #TS #CustSupport #CS

    The nickname field would be parsed by comma or hashtag and the URL would be available using any of the 4 nicknames.

    Hopefully I have explained this well.

    Thank you for your consideration and the browser. You make my daily work MUCH easier!! πŸ™‚

  • @jwoodard80 to clarify your request:
    A way to have the same bookmark referred to by multiple folder entries?

    The regular bookmark and quick command (F2) searches already include nicknames.
    The address bar (for some reason) ignores bookmark nicknames and only matches title, url and description.

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    @becm Actually, if you type a nickname in the address bar it will open your bookmark, it just doesn't suggest pages based on nicknames (example: if I have a bookmark with the nick 'test' and i type it in, it will suggest no pages but when I press enter the bookmark 'test bookmark one' opens)

  • @masterleo29 hm, overall behaviour would indicate the suggestion (only) triggers on exact matches on (unique) bookmark nicks for first search term (like search shortcuts).
    match: <nick> asdf
    no match: asdf <nick>
    never match but trigger: nickname with space

    Do you know if not including partially matched bookmark nicknames in suggestions is intended behaviour or just caused by (mis-)reused code from search shortcut matches?
    Other behaviour (still match after space or search term but do not resolve to bookmark, not show nickname with space) would indicate later.

    @jwoodard80 the uniqueness requirement for nicknames makes this approach a missuse of intended functionality (as I learned ☺).
    The not-so-bad workaround to get this feature would be to include your "nicknames" in the description field (non-unique, searchable).

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    @becm I think it's a bit of both.

    I've just tested a few nicknames and the sugestion appears when I type in the exact nickname plus space (as you said). I also discovered that the sugestion field is case sensitive (example: typing "PBI <space>" triggers the sugestion BUT typing "pbi <space>" does not, however both opens my bookmark).

    I think typing the correct nickname should trigger the sugestion on full match (without the space would be nice) and be case INsensitive.
    Edit: in quick command it works 100%, it shouldn't be too hard to make it on the address bar (not sure, tho)

  • First off, apologies, I have been on a trip for the last few days and have not been able to monitor this thread for replies.

    Perhaps I should elaborate more in how I use this. I have the "Open on nickname Match" option set. So when I open a quick command using F2 I am able to type the nickname and the page auto opens.

    0_1523552977545_2018-04-12 12_07_20-Vivaldi Settings_ Quick Commands.jpg

    What I am proposing is to expand the nickname option to allow multiple nicknames

    Let us take for example... Currently my bookmark is set as follows.

    0_1523553237899_2018-04-12 12_10_58-FedEx _ Tracking, Shipping, and Locations.jpg

    Note that the nickname is "fedex" if I hit F2 and simply type "fedex" the page opens.

    What I would like is something more like this....
    0_1523553302616_2018-04-12 12_11_23-FedEx _ Tracking, Shipping, and Locations.jpg

    I am only using the hashtag as an example, however, the way I would see is that the website would open if I used any of the 3 words.

    Again, apologies for the lateness with my reply. If it is not possible and I am not doing things correctly I understand and will attempt to change my workflow. However, one doesn't know unless they ask. πŸ™‚

  • @jwoodard80 sorry to have misunderstood your requirements.

    The (assumed) generality of search terms made me think you required searchable tags and not multiple unique expressions mapping to a single entity.

    Since with your approach shipping and track could not be used for a related UPS bookmark it seems to be a very specific requirement. ☺
    And it would be interesting how to solve sorting by Nickname in vivaldi://bookmarks/ for this…

    But if it were to be implemented it should follow the same multi-value synthax as tags, which (when modeled after Firefox) would be coma separated.

  • @jwoodard80 Perhaps, a better solution would be actual separate bookmark tags.

  • @josephj11 the described functionality requires the exact opposite properties of tags.
    That's why the new import request for Firefox tags was opened, since the old one would have broken intended funtionality.

    Tags: 1:n relation to associate multiple bookmarks with a tag
    Nickname(s): n:1 relation with multiple unique nicknames matching one bookmark

    Enforcing single target is required for Open on Nickname Match to work.

  • @becm said in Multiple Nicknames for Bookmarks:

    The not-so-bad workaround to get this feature would be to include your "nicknames" in the description field (non-unique, searchable).

    Once I considered the real possibility of overlapping nicknames, I agree that the above solution to my problem would be best for now. I believe I can handle the extra 1-2 steps of down arrow and enter keys. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for your consideration and time!


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