Fullscreen Mode Option for Bookmarks

  • I think I posted something similar for incognito mode, but the same applies to full screen. I would like some URL's to always open in fullscreen mode. I think there should be a setting in the bookmark properties to enable this. So when you go to that URL and it is in your bookmarks and you have full screen enabled, it automatically opens in full screen. The same goes for incognito mode.

    This should happen whether you open it manually from the Bookmarks Bar or type/paste the URL in the address bar.

    If you are asking why do you need that? People that work with dashboard/stats is one reason, instead of having one browser configured to always open the dashboard on a monitoring station in full screen. They could just as easily use their main Vivaldi browser for this.

    The same goes for people that test code or develop or need to have a monitor/web app open in another monitor on full screen but need only that URL to be in that mode, not the whole browser. Things like this are more important as browsers are work tools today.

    Mod Edit: Corrected "favorites" to "bookmarks."

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