Tab Cycling Delay

  • Since I disabled the thumbnails previews, I enabled the tab cycling feature on Vivaldi, but there is something I dislike about it.

    When you press ctrl+tab of course, it opens the thumbnails in the visual tab cycling which is fine as you need visual confirmation, but personally, I would like a delay before showing the preview thumbnails or the cycler. Maybe this could be an option. And here comes my reasoning for this:

    If you have the feature disabled, ctrl+tab cycles tabs directly which is fast, quick and simple, like it works with most browsers.

    If you enable this feature, the tab cycler shows but this is somewhat laggy and slower because it now has to show all the previews for all the tabs before switching. So why not have the best of both worlds?

    If a delay was introduced before showing the tab cycler, I could just use ctrl+tab for fast switching between tabs as I usually do, but if I have many tabs open and I want to see the thumbnail preview, I could just hold ctrl+tab pressed and not release it to show the cycler.

    The problem is that most of the time I ctrl+tab very quickly, milliseconds, so I don't need to see all the tabs open or the cycler for that. But since this is so fast, Vivaldi shows it for a very brief time which is not only taxes the browser but is also annoying as you have a visual glitch. A suggestion would be if I hold ctrl+tab and don't release it then it shows the cycler after 1 or 2 seconds, otherwise do not show it and just switch the tabs directly. Even worse, sometimes I switch back and forth and the cycler gets stuck because it never had time to appear and disappear before I switched tabs again. I think this could be make mode efficient by introducing a delay before appearing.

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