Multi Monitor Support Linux, and general queries

  • As a suggestion; in one of the next(up and coming) Tech previews, could you please try to improve multi-monitor support in Linux?(drag a tab off into a new window that can be moved to another monitor, fix the menu so that is moves with the window(s)(at the moment it sticks to one exact spot on my right monitor and will not move 😞 😉 ...)) I LOVE this browser, it combines everything I loved about opera(speed(in general),the speed dial, UI, efficiency) and everything I love about Chrome(mainly functionality and sync). I am looking forward to the finished product. 🙂 One more question, How does one go about updating the browser?(does it auto update, do I need to download more .deb(s) or will the built in software updater(Linux Mint) prompt me)

  • Moderator

    For .deb builds, the repo has been added and you will be notified of new versions with each system software update.


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