Tab Hijack

  • How do I remove Pics4NewTab

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    Try using an Internet search to answer such questions.

    Remove Pic4NewTab

  • @pesala
    Cheers, have tried but no remedy. Lots of sites recommending removal tool links. I use Avast tried that no joy, tried Trend Micro Housecall no joy.

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    Anti-virus software might stop some malware getting installed, but you need to run anti-malware to remove it.

    I used to run MalwareBytes regularly,

  • If Malwarebytes can't kill it, hit it with HitmanPro.

    Then give up with your average AV for something better.
    Bitdefender is a top performer always, but Kaspersky Labs is the constant top dog, and now free.
    Avira have been patchy recently, but their free suite is more complete than most others.
    Qihoo 360 includes Bitdefender and Avira scanning, plus a heap of other features you don't get in other free AV.

    There you have 3 of the best free options to try, so you cannot lose out.

    Whatever AV you use, stop relying on the defaults.
    Go into the settings and enable the category for Potentially Unwanted Software or Riskware, etc.
    (make sure you include these categories with any standalone scanner you use)

    For your browsers, I recommend that you use something like

    Alternative cleanup
    Login and sync Vivaldi to save your setup.
    Completely remove Vivaldi for a clean reinstall.
    Check your user hive for the Vivaldi prefs folder and make sure it is really gone.
    eg. C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data
    Once you have reinstalled, re-sync to gain your previous setup.
    You should then be able to fix the homepage and search.

    As long as you have cleaned all temp caches for the system and browsers, there is a good chance the installer is gone and it will not reappear.
    If this was a proper virus, there is a good chance it will have copied itself somewhere else, but this is just a standard browser hijacking to gain advert revenue.

  • JRT could be a good solution too... Or Zemana (should be a trial premium / free basic)
    You could try also to remove the extension from extensions folders as you know its name (and its id, I guess)

  • @dr-flay Thank you for your very comprehensive advice. Malwarebytes killed it. Much appreciated. JFP

  • @hadden89 Thank you for your help and taking the trouble to reply. JFP


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