Copying Snapshot Profile into Stable.

  • For the second time in the life of the Snapshot [aka SS] 1.15x series, today regrettably i found myself having to retreat back down to the 1.14x Stable version. I wanted however to continue using my SS profile in my Stable V, but there's some tricks & caveats associated with this. For my own future reference, I made these self-notes, & then decided also to post them in the forum just in case anyone else might find something useful in them for themselves. I use Linux, & though these notes might also apply to other platforms i have not tested elsewhere, so i've posted it only in the Linux stream of the forum.

    4/4/18: Important to note...

    Generally i can successfully copy the ENTIRE Default directory /home/steffie/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Default to /home/steffie/.config/vivaldi/Default so as to use Stable at those times when Snapshot has protracted bugs which muchly bigly make using it miserable [eg, the current & several preceding versions of the 1.15 series, for which Chromium 65 broke many things wrt Mouse Gestures (gestures themselves often fail to work the first or second time, & the Close Tab gesture frequently crashes V itself), right-click Context Menus, text selection / deselection, Shutter image drag-&-drop copying into Vivaldi text fields, etc. These all still work fine in Stable's current version 1.14, with its Chromium 64].

    HOWEVER there is one file from SS that buggers Stable, & one file from SS that corrupts in Stable, if doing that total directory copy across major Vivaldi version boundaries:

    1. "Web Data" -- If i include this file in the copy, the subsequent launch of Stable [thus using SS's profile] is accompanied by a Warning dialogue box advising "Your profile can not be used because it is from a newer version of Vivaldi. Some features may be unavailable. Please specify a different profile directory or use a newer version of Vivaldi.". This is true, & when i first experienced this new box some weeks ago, it took hours of trial & error to discover that this one file is the cause. The esoteric consequences of this conflicted status include all "Autofill settings" disappearing from the Chromium Settings page [though unexpectedly all "Content settings" + extensions & passwords etc survive], until/unless this SS file is deleted from Stable & Stable's original file version is restored.
    1. "Notes" -- My SS version of Notes is currently 13.2 MiB & includes many screenshots. If i copy the SS v1.15 file into v1.14 Stable's directory, instantly upon Stable's relaunch this file corrupts & shrinks to [currently] only 561.5 kiB. The difference is caused by all screenshots being deleted. Bugger. Even though the Notes' text-content survives just fine, each applicable Note loses its screenshot(s).

    Hence, for all future occasions of copying SS's profile to Stable, FIRST backup Stable's copy of "Web Data", then after doing the full directory copy, REPLACE this SS file with said Stable copy. The next launch of Stable then succeeds perfectly [apart from loss of Notes' screenshots, as described].

    Thus, as much as possible, for these relatively isolated occasions when major bugs force me to temporarily retreat from SS to Stable, try not to create / edit any Notes, so that once i later migrate back to SS, i can safely then reuse its Notes & WD files without losing any content.

    I anticipate / hope that during the brief periods [~each 6 weeks?] when SS & Stable are on the same major version#, copying ALL files across to Stable from SS should / might be successful.


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