Clear Synced Tabs - possible?

  • Hello everyone,

    I have switched today to the Spring Creator's Update and the thing is, I apparently left 3 open tabs in the old Vivaldi install. I synced in SCU, all is great but I can't rid myself of the 3 old synced tabs on the top bar. Maybe I missed it in some menus. Doesn't seem reasonable to have them there forever, since that particular Windows/Vivaldi are gone now. Expected them to go away if I click them.


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    @t0yz The Windows update has no bearing on this. Synced tabs do not show on the tab bar unless you open them from the synced "cloud" icon by the trashcan on the tab bar.

    If you wish to clear sync data, you can go to sync settings and use the button at the bottom of the settings window that says "Clear Data on Server." That will clear all of your sync data, and re-upload the data from the browser.

  • @ayespy Alright, they're gone, thanks. I really don't remember clicking on anything in the trash though, but who knows.
    PS: I didn't update, I clean installed it, and it would remember the same PC as a different device, as it has new name and so on. An update would indeed preserve old settings.

  • I know that after a couple of weeks of not using whatever the other synced device was, the synced tabs will not be listed anymore.


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