Website Notifications Need to be More User-friendly

  • Recently a lot of website are going nuts with in your face popup notification, this situation is very similar to the now most hated & blocked popup windows. If website host doesn't know how to use new feature properly, & abusing it in ill faith then most user will eventually reject it outright. IMHO the notification popup have crossed the line of "being informative" or "a friendly reminder", instead they are bombarding user with annoying big old ugly popups that cover almost a quarter of the screen-view, manipulating user into responding to it or it will keep bugging the user.

    Now, i would like to propose forbid in your face website popup notification, instead replace it with a Notification Icon to inform user there is a website notification. Then user can click on the icon to respond to the popup notification. Basically similar to the notification system of Vivaldi forum, but the icon is in the info section of address bar. This would be much better than blocking all website notification outright, like what we are doing to popup windows.

    IMHO every website feature have it's usefulness (include popup windows), but if it's implemented badly or unfriendly toward Internet user, then it will become useless when everyone rejected it and actively blocking it.


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    IMO a pipe-dream. It's not feasible for browsers to fix badly coded website. One can hide images, block javascript, or enable reader veiw to change the appearance, but website notifications are mandatory in some countries and those news sites that depend on subscriptions for their income need some way to persuade visitors to subscribe.

    Vote with your mouse by not going to those irritating sites, and not referencing them.

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    Not sure if you are referring to Desktop Notifications, by default Vivaldi asks you before the website starts sending Desktop Notifications.


  • @lamarca Not the desktop notification. Those are fine, cuz they are actually informative & useful.

    As shown in your picture, we only need the icon in the adressbar to notify the user, there is no need for the popinfo for "allow/deny" to actively popup & cover the screen-view to force user to interact with it.

    This is similar to popup windows behavior, very undesirable & rude to the user. Just imagine you visit 10 new website in a row & spam by 10 popup like this within 15 minits of browsing... This is too intrusive.

    Thanks for your support.

  • @pesala Actually, this is the way browser maker implant this feature that causing the problem. And Vivaldi can actually fix this by simply not actively showing the popinfo without user interactive. Or redesign the popinfo to be less intrusive (auto-close after 3 seconds).

    I understand about website content are not FREE, that 's why I propose a less intrusive website notification behavior instead of reject it outright. There is another thread requesting block all website notification by default, this would be similar to the now useless popup windows (cuz most browser block 'em by default). If we do the same to website notification, then this feature would be dead very soon.

    We shouldn't need to install yet another extension just to kill a new feature if it's implant properly & beneficial to user. Modern browser in general are already too bloated, it's pointless to add something into it & then only to block it by adding more stuff on top of the bloated mess.

    Thank for discussion.

  • A browser cannot and you should not mess with code from a website but this is similar to what I suggest before when it comes to notifications. A default to deny/ignore them for all sites. That would basic silently and in the background ignore website notifications (ignore, not reject or accept). Yes, they are annoying and I have posted a feature to have them ignored on all sites you visit instead of being forced to accept or deny them manually.

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