Extension right click menu lacks it's own menu items

  • The extensions right click menu does not show the extensions own menu items. For instanse, Gmail Notifier has "Mute notifications for...(period of time)" "Update" "Allow notifications" "Compose mail" etc. menu items working in Chrome, which I use very often since these options can't be chosen in any other way. I could also list a dozen other extension which have their own menu item in their right click menu. Vivaldi does not show any of this.

    Here is a screenshot, left is Chrome, right is Vivaldi (sorry for non-english language, but you'll get the point): https://i.imgur.com/FAKwt9W.png

    Using latest snapshot version, but this is happening in stable version too.

    Bug report sent, but I think this problem needs its own thread, since this is not computer, or version, or extension specific problem, it never worked for me or my friends for the past years (well, never) on numerous computers, and on all extensions. As I see this is not a bug, this is a missing feature.

  • Moderator

    The extension buttons have no own extension menu yet.
    That is not implemented in Vivaldi UI.

    This bug old VB-29932 "Missing context menu of extensions"


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