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  • I've been requesting this for over a year now, and I'm not the only one who has requested this fix. The problem is simple: if you have more extensions installed than will fit in a window, you simply can't see or click on the hidden extension. In other words, unless the extension doesn't need to be activated by clicking or if you can't access it via a control-click, you might as well not have the extension installed! Given all the horsepower and neat features of Vivaldi, not having this fundamental function makes no sense. And I use some extensions dozens and dozens of times a day.

    I can make a window in Vivaldi as big as my 27 inch iMac monitor will allow, and I still can't see all my extensions. In Chrome, in Firefox, in Opera, you simply click on a button/chevron and the extensions you can't see show up in a pop-down menu.

    PLEASE add this functionality. I can click on the three dots and make all my extensions disappear from the toolbar, how about letting me SEE all my extensions?

    Thanks for considering adding this function.


  • Moderator

    I only have one extension installed, but I thought this was already available on the context menu.

    If it's not available yet, vote for Additional Features for the Extension Icon Container


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