Independent New Tab Position Setting for Speed Dial Tabs

  • The current New Tab Position setting, which is global, offers three options. After Related Tabs is fine for links on webpages, and so is the option I currently have selected, but is something I find annoying when using the Speed Dial in a new window. I have positioned my Speed Dial entries to be in the same position (from left to right) I would like the tabs in the tab bar to be located, but cannot simply click from left to right on all of the entries to open the tabs in the order that I want to. The option As Last Tab would be perfect here, but I want to keep webpage links opening after their related tabs. The ability to select As Last Tab solely for Speed Dial tabs would solve this problem.

  • Moderator

  • @pesala Not quite. I like how After Related Tabs behaves on webpages, just not in the New Tab page with Speed Dial open. The linked post would make a new tab opened by a non-active tab take a position behind the active tab, which After Related Tabs does not do.


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