Drag-Configurable Bookmarks Bar Folder Menus

  • In both Chrome and Firefox, the user can click and drag an entry in the folder menus on the bookmarks bar. This can be used to rearrange the order of the entries in the menu, to take an entry out of the menu and drop it on the bar itself, or to place it in whatever position the user wants inside another folder menu. I find this method more convenient than rearranging the bar and folder menus in the panel or bookmarks menu. I would also like to suggest the implementation of a right-click context menu on entries in Bookmarks Bar folder menus.

  • +1
    The bookmark bar is certainly unfinished. This has been requested before, and hopefully they'll fix it. I consider this more a bug than a feature.
    The BM bar is the most important part of the whole bookmarking experience for me, and if that doesn't work right, the rest doesn't really matter.

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    This has been my pet feature for quite some time.
    I have requested this several times in hopes that this will be implemented.
    Maybe this time. All entries in the Bookmarks Bar should be drag and drop.
    In Chrome I could drag and drop any bookmark into any folder from any folder.

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