Drag-Configurable Bookmarks Bar Folder Menus

  • In both Chrome and Firefox, the user can click and drag an entry in the folder menus on the bookmarks bar. This can be used to rearrange the order of the entries in the menu, to take an entry out of the menu and drop it on the bar itself, or to place it in whatever position the user wants inside another folder menu. I find this method more convenient than rearranging the bar and folder menus in the panel or bookmarks menu.

    I would also like to suggest the implementation of a right-click context menu on entries in Bookmarks Bar folder menus.

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    The bookmark bar is certainly unfinished. This has been requested before, and hopefully they'll fix it. I consider this more a bug than a feature.
    The BM bar is the most important part of the whole bookmarking experience for me, and if that doesn't work right, the rest doesn't really matter.

  • This has been my pet feature for quite some time.
    I have requested this several times in hopes that this will be implemented.
    Maybe this time. All entries in the Bookmarks Bar should be drag and drop.
    In Chrome I could drag and drop any bookmark into any folder from any folder.

  • @dominateeye +1 I love how Firefox (and now Chrome) allow moving stuff around.

  • I totally agree! We can "Cut" then "Paste" in the proper folder but that is not always as efficient.

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    Drag and Drop does at least work on the Bookmarks Bar, just not in Bookmark Bar Folders, and the Bookmarks Menu.

    Currently, one must use the Bookmarks Panel to organise bookmarks, where drag and drop is supported.

    @dominateeye said:

    I would also like to suggest the implementation of a right-click context menu on entries in Bookmarks Bar folder menus.

    For that, vote for Context Menu in Opened Bookmarks Bar Folders

  • The title should already explain my request. I try to keep a well-organised system of folders in my Bookmarks Bar, which is essential to my use. Therefore I find it inconvenient to have to access the Bookmarks Tab or the Bookmarks Panel to shortly organise pages within the folders. I want to be able to drag & drop pages within a folder, and from one folder to another.

    This is also an issue because it is inconvenient in itself to organise folders through the Bookmarks Tab (especially) and the Bookmarks Panel, because once a folder with a lot of pages is open, you lose oversight of the other folders. Not only do you lose oversight, but if you attempt to drag & drop a page from a folder with many pages to a folder beyond view, this is a slow and meticulous process as you have to wait for the menu to auto-scroll. (An alternative is to cut & paste pages, but that is also a slow & meticulous process.)

    Not having drag & drop functionality in the Bookmarks Bar causes huge friction for me, and I imagine it does so for many others who uses the Bookmarks Bar extensively. Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of one of the most successful companies in the world — Amazon — says his mission is to create as little friction as possible for his customers. Contemplate that.

    Please implement the drag & drop request, Vivaldi team, so that you may restore my love for your product. Thank you.

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  • This is an absolute must for me, i have hundreds of bookmarks that i constantly add to and reorganize in folders and folders within folders. The ability to drag and drop not just bookmarks, but the bookmark folders as well is crucial for me to continue using your browser. This is really my only complaint and i really really want to keep using this browser, but this may end up as a deal breaker for me. I just found out about this browser today introduced to me by Tek Syndicate and i fell in love with it. I see there are already many duplicate topics about this, i also found a forum post from 2 years ago complaining about the same thing. It's a little sad that this has been a desired feature for over 2 years and it's already in the most popular browsers and you have yet to implement it, please don't force me to go back to Chrome by ignoring this request. This request was posted 7 months ago, show that you care about your users, this honestly is an easy fix, there is really no excuse here and if there is i'd really like to hear it, at least let us know that your listening!

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    @cottontails Nobody is ignoring the request. It just takes more work than they have time for at the moment.

    Have you tried organising your bookmarks in the Bookmarks Panel? Drag and Drop works fine, but users with lots of bookmarks and not much vertical height to work with, might find it cumbersome.

    For me, it is not a problem as I have 1600 vertical pixels to play with.

    0_1541497659127_Drag and Drop Bookmarks.png

    The Context Menu in Bookmarks Bar folders is a related problem and might get fixed at the same time as this. Don't ask when!

    When it is ready is the only answer anyone can give us.

  • @pesala Yes i know you can organize them in the manager, but when you have as many bookmarks as i do, the drag a drop method is really important. I didn't even realize how much i relied on that feature, until getting Vivaldi. So your saying 2 years is not enough time to implement the feature, because they have more work than they can handle!? Anyways thanks for providing that information on the "Context Menu" and "When it is ready", though it doesn't give me much hope when the issue isn't even on the list.


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